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Our investment in research and development is targeted to those areas where we can have a dramatic impact to improve patient care and reduce the cost to manage prevalent diseases.

Markers for disease that pose the greatest threat to a long and healthy life

Markers for disease whose prevalence is so great that it touches almost every family and every community around the globe

Markers for conditions where costs for managing patients are exceptionally high

Following this tradition the SYSTAAQ Diagnostic Products team is actively developing and commercializing new molecular diagnostic assays fast, flexible, reliable and close to the customer needs..

Manufacturing Facilities

We operate a state of the art molecular facility at Baltimore Maryland (USA) with team of scientists dedicated to best practices in quality and design control. Molecular products are manufactured under good manufacturing processes (GMP) and ISO certification. A variety of product labeling standards, including RUO, IUO, ASR, CE and IVD, are developed and released under the appropriate design control processes and launched according to country specific regulatory requirements.

SYSTAAQ Diagnostic Products has constructed facilities to meet the unique requirements for amplified nucleic acid testing. A high quality standard is maintained through a continuous investment in process improvements and a team of technical specialists who help ensure optimal performance during development and following product release.